Thursday, January 30, 2014


Girl on left is my age. Girl on right is four years younger than I. See the problem.

The point of this post is to express that I have no curves of which to speak.

My mother told me not to hold my breath waiting around for any to appear. She says she didn't have any noticeable boobs, hips, or anything else until she gave birth to her second set of twins. To be honest, her boobs and hips aren't all that noticeable now.

I'm destined to be a stick figure for the foreseeable future.

It understandably makes me crazy.


  1. I've had curves for most of my life. They ain't all that.

  2. I get the appeal, but honestly, I see my 2 half sisters (one from each parent) STRUGGLE with their curves I realize I am grateful for my miniature top. It may not be what I'm hoping for when I look in the mirror, but it's a hell of a lot better than not being able to exercise without considerable discomfort. I get that you probably want a happy medium, but in my family that doesn't seem to exist as an option so I'll be happy with the hand I was dealt.

  3. Amelia, I think you're ight and that very few people have what they would consider the perfect amount of boobs particularly. Thanks Donna and Knotty for the offer to share.