Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Judge Alex still isn't sending any flowers in my direction

I tweeted Judge Alex that I had mono. He didn't respond with "Sorry," "Hope you're feeling better soon," "Too bad!" "Really?" or even "Go to Hell." When anyone tweets him to tell him how gorgeous he is, he makes the time in his busy schedule to reply. I don't know if it's the overactive male ego at work, or if it's simply a matter of public relations and of promoting his career.

My mistake was that I should have tweeted, "You're smokingly hot. I desire your body. I have mono." God knows how he might have responded, but chances are he would have responded in some way, either to express his sympathy or to say, "Eeeew! You're jailbait AND you have mono. You gross me out. Go away!" The tweet I might have sent would have been a lie anyway, as I don't desire his body. He's older than my dad.

My point is that my original assessment was not far from wrong. The Judge has no time for me now that he has gained some measure of fame. I usually don't think about him much anymore, but now that I'm confined to bed and only get my computer for a short time each day, I wasted a few minutes of my precious computer time to tell him I had mono. I thought he might say, "Get well," or something similar, between the tweets reponding to the women who are pleading to see nude pictures of him. I was wrong.  He doesn't care about underdeveloped and underaged girls whether they're sick or healthy. Forgive my self pity, but I have a tendency to feel sorry for myself when I'm lonely and sick. Eventually I'll recover, and my state of mind will improve as well. Until that time comes, thanks for not hating me for my negativity if such is the case.


  1. Dear Alexis,
    Please take it easy and feel better soon. If you lived closer I would bring you soup. I don't think it would send too well though :\ goopy...

  2. Alexis, he probably doesn't care about anybody, all that much.

    You need Guinness. And vitamins.